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I slowly strolled through the aisles of the Warehouse store looking for low-cost treats. It was going to be a long night of paper writing and I required some inspiration! As I rounded a corner of the next aisle, my eyes illuminated as I found a clearance rack, and on it, bubbles. I lost no time at all comprising my mind, and rapidly purchased my few items and returned to dorm in an excited whirlwind. I walked into dorm and put my snacks away before quickly rounding up all the weary ladies who were also working on the never-ending list of assignments. We each grabbed a bottle of clearance rack bubbles and ran out into the field in laughter.
I was the designated photographer and only managed to shoot goofy, blurry images as we danced around the field blowing bubbles and "true blessing" any innocent individual who took place to pass our method! After an excellent dosage of laughter, and a plethora of dreadful images were taken, we headed back to dorm with intense eyes, sticky fingers, and a new-found energy to take on the mountain of research that still awaited all of us! Oh the happiness of dormitory! This memory, together with numerous others, hold a special place in my heart. Among the memories that will last a lifetime, there are other benefits. Here are five benefits of house living that I have actually discovered to be real throughout my time studying at SBC!
1. Character Structure Residing in community develops character! Despite your personality or age, being placed in a living situation with about forty others your age will stretch you. Residing in house supplies a safe environment where you can find out to live "by yourself" and start to explore what life without your immediate family close by appear like.
In addition to this, dorm is an excellent location to find out how to agree individuals with varying personalities. This also provides opportunities to have significant discussions with individuals who hold various point of views than what you've always had. This is one of the huge locations where I have actually had the ability to grow.
Roomies are another area in which character is built. Whether you get along really well with your roomie, or do not have much in typical, being "stuck" in the exact same room all year allows for deep friendships to be built along with character as you find out how to reside in close distance with another person. It's not all fun and games, however even through tough discussions, character is developed as you grow and experience a different life setting while learning how to reside in neighborhood with others.
2. We're all in the very same boat!One of the benefits of living in residence is being surrounded by individuals who are experiencing the very same things as you. While this might seem obvious, being able to connect to each other through shared experiences, whether it be spontaneous journeys to Don's (McDonald's) or late-night research stresses, causes friendships to bloom and brings the neighborhood together. In addition to being able to share in the delights and frustrations of school associated work/play, we have the ability to associate with each other in our life circumstances.
We each have unique pasts and futures, but here in dormitory our stories overlap as we each separately select to spend a year (or 2 or 3 or 4) deepening our understanding of Scripture and drawing closer to our Savior. This offers us a typical goal regardless of our individual stories and offers us the chance not only to see ourselves Clavon Condo grow in that, however likewise the happiness of viewing others grow as we all continue our journey with Christ. 3. Social Life
This is possibly the most obvious benefit of living in house, however also one of the very best parts of neighborhood life. Who doesn't love having a great social life? Dormitory enables for constant relationship with people, along with with the school neighborhood as a whole due to its close proximity to the primary structure. There are always people who wish to opt for a random adventure, or someone requiring to get research done who would like a buddy to work with, or somebody searching for food but desiring a pal to come along. Whatever activity you are wanting/needing to do, there is probably another person in the very same circumstance who is prepared to do it with you! Through many Don's runs, research parties, movie nights, sports video games, and various other things, life-long friendships are built therefore numerous wonderful memories are made! 4. Prayer
Prayer is effective! Numerous, lot of times throughout my previous 2 years living in dormitory, I have actually found myself in a location of frustration or fear due to life situations and tensions. It was during these times that I was blessed continuously by the lots of buddies who pulled me aside in the hallways, in the lounge, or perhaps in my room to just hope with and for me. I have also had many chances to do the exact same for others in dorm. This present of praying for and with one another daily is something that I understand has been a great true blessing to me and I trust has also affected numerous others who have actually resided in residence.5. Spiritual Responsibility
Last but most certainly not least, a substantial benefit of residence life is spiritual responsibility. Prayer overlaps with this point as it is a big part of holding each other liable. Whether it is keeping each other responsible with prayer life, devotions, or homework, dormitory enables accountability to take location in a safe and loving environment.
One example of this is weekly prayer conferences that were kept in both men's and females's dorms and in the school. They were simply a time and location to wish whatever requires it. Having people to hold you accountable in your spiritual walk is practical not only in your individual walk with Christ, however also in constructing deep relationships as you walk alongside each other in this season of life.

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